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  1. Hello All!
    I recently graduated with my MSN (yay!!) and I have been offered 3 adjunct clinical positions. 2 are close to home and are with ADN programs, and one is with a BSN program but far from home.

    I am excited to get my foot in the door, and hope for a full time or online position. But I would like any assistance that could make this transistion smoother for me (and my I have put together a clinical sheet that will help me keep up with where everyone is (and laminated it so it can be used over and over), and have read some of the posts before now and recieved some helpful info. I will be teaching 1st year students clinical (which will mostly be nursing home and basic med-surg)

    Thank you in advance for any (and all) assistance and I look forward to sharing with those who come behind me!

    Glad to be in education!!!
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  3. by   classicdame
    congrats on your new career. I found it helpful that first year to be really cognizant of what the BON rules were. My state asso offers an annotated NPA which has helpful interpretations and position statements to augment the rules. Expect to give your cell number to all the students and get theirs! Texting is a great way to find people on the floor (assuming facility allows the use of phones). I am now working with former students who still come to me with questions, even though I have been off the floor for years. So nice to watch them develop!!
  4. by   lub dub
    I would STRONGLY suggest getting a mentor.