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    I just landed a VN instructor position at a private School. They have not been clear with hours or if I get prep time. I know they said its m-f 8-4, but not sure if I will be teaching the whole 8 hours. Just wondering if anyone has experience with these type of schools.

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    Hi OCRN3,

    I was a fill-in for one semester in a LPN program. It was essentially Monday-Friday 8am-5pm (1 hr. lunch). This semester was set up to include med/surg, pharmacology, and nutrition courses. I taught the majority of the pharmacology course and a few topics in med/surg. I had 16 clinical hours per week and lectured about 6-12 hours per week. The remainder of the time was spent supervising in the skills lab or prepping. However, I've heard other LPN instructors speak of their programs, and it seems the norm is very little prep time included in your 40 hour work week. It's nice to know that, on average, nurse educators put in about 50 hours of work per week. The first time you teach a course is always the hardest and biggest time investment - after that, just updates!

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