Needs Assessment for Acute Care Hospital

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    I work as an Organizational Education Coordinator for a local acute care hospital and need to develop a "Needs Assessment" survey tool for the entire nursing staff. Is there anyone out there who has this tool and is wiling to share? I would greatly appreciate it so it would save me time and wouldn't have to re-invent the wheel.
    Thank you very much in advance if you can help me out.
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    I have one that I just sent out for all staff. Send me a private message and I will send you a copy.
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    I would love to see your educational needs assessment tool. Are you still willing to share?
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    Just remember that staff will have a different interpretation for the word "need". Need really is CPR and whatever your state and governing bodies declare a nurse must have. The rest is "nice to have". You can spend a lot of time and money creating courses for nice to haves that are not needed. Be sure to make your plan coincide with the business goals of the hospital. I stay in touch with the Quality dept to see what trends there are - such as what types of med errors. JCAHO patient safety goals is a good outline for "needs" too.
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    Can anyone email me a copy of the educational needs assessment? Also, does anyone have an opinion survey on how to get staff to show up for training sessions?
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    Quote from coce
    Can anyone email me a copy of the educational needs assessment? Also, does anyone have an opinion survey on how to get staff to show up for training sessions?
    As the saying goes, "You can lead them to the water but you can;t make them drink." The best way, in my opinion, is to make the training "mandatory." You'll need your administration's support on this. If it's a class, let's say, CPR/BLS, then they sign up but don;t show up, I would suggest having them write a check to reserve their spot. If they show up, give them back the check. If they don't, then cash the check (of course, make chack out to your facility, not to you personally).
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    I also have difficulty getting staff to show up for in-services. It is really disappointing and embarassing when I have an outside speaker and no one comes! I will say if they think there are freebies like pens or penlights etc they come! How sad they are more interested in stuff then ed.
    I continue to plug away but today was a discouraging day.
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    I'm trying to start a training program for the nursing staff on the pyxis machine. First, I would like to conduct a training needs assessment. If anyone has a format or outline of a needs assessment that I can refer too? Please send. THanks.
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    Did you find an assessment tool for your survey? I found out today that I need to do one in an acute care hospital. Any help you could pass along would be greatly appreciated. Thanks - pacific
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    inservices - the best way I have found is to go floor to floor and catch people as you can. If that is not feasible, then you need buy-in from the Directors and charge nurses. or food.

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