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    I'm looking for an online nursing instructor position, the catch is I don't have teaching experience and I am currently working on my MSN and won't be finished until next year. Is this even a possibility to anyone's knowledge? If so-does anyone have any recommendations of where?
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    Welcome to allnurses.com and to the Nurse Educators Forum, ashleylynnrn !

    In my limited experience, online nursing programs require at least an MSN for faculty. Most require a PhD or doctorate of some sort, preferably in nursing.

    Hopefully, other members will come along and share out of their vast expertise.

    Best wishes to you.
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  5. by   HouTx
    Most online programs provide training & orientation. Some better than others. U of P used to have an extensive orientation with preceptor - don't know if that is still the case.

    The problem is, online teaching is the Home Health of teaching... sounds like a pretty sweet gig, with flexible hours & work in your jammies opportunity - LOL. BUT you're hanging out there on your own with very few resources to back you up - no experts to come to your rescue. You don't know what you don't know, so it's difficult to prepare for eventualities (does that even make sense?). It also comes with many more 'strings' than you can possibly anticipate.

    Depending on the school and instructional model, you may find yourself chained to your laptop in order to meet your employer's expectations for responding to students within X hours. You also have to monitor/moderate chats and other online activity that is tangential to the course. I got caught up in that once and by the time it was over, I calculated my "actual" salary as <$2. per hour for the ordeal... didn't even cover the cost of the aspirin.

    I would strongly advise you to get some actual teaching experience under your belt before venturing out there. You need to be comfortable with the art of teaching as well as the science.