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  1. 0 I have been looking high and low for lesson plans/teaching plans for CNA'S. I am a new Nurse Delegator. Any ideas? Thanks.
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    Try your Board of Nursing. In Kentucky CNA courses are regulated by the Board - I have taught CNA once when another instructor quit on the spur of the moment - there was a huge notebook of curriculum that I taught from. Anybody else?
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    I checked my State Boards, even went through a training program. I did a search for posts in this forum and see there was very little response....maybe I am in the wrong field and there is a need for someone to write a book of lesson plans????? hahahah I checked books, googled every possible term, I see very little out there but there has to be something out there somewhere. Teachers don't reinvent the wheel every time they teach a class. Is the concept of teaching in nursing so new that we haven't established a solid knowledge base and resources in this area? Yes I realize we have been teaching patients for years but what about others?
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    I have had some interest in content for CNAs also. There was an excellent article in an AJN inthe last year I believe on dehydration in older adults. Having left my educatiom position I gave it to the reigning educater who promised to work it into a module. It was excellent information and would be beneficial to give CNAs a stake in outcomes. I'mtoo lazy to recall the issue now but would find it if asked.

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    Does the text book you are going to use for the CNA class have a teachers manual with lesson plans?
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    Does anyone have aproved lesson plans that they would love to share. Im havinf a hard time getting mine done. Im using the hartman book, 3Rd edition??? help
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    Are you doing lessons on something specific, such as delegation of med administration or diabetic monitoring/injections? What exactly is your job function? I teach NAs, but don't do nurse delegation.