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So I have been looking at the ipad and a couple of tablets. I wanted to know how other educators have used these for teaching in classroom as well as for doing teaching work like viewing/editing student papers, logging into... Read More

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    Just a heads up - the Blackboard app does not seem to play well with Android devices. Some schools work fine, but some don't play at all. I just bought a Samsung Galaxy Tablet and BB doesn't work on it for my school at all It does, however, work fine on my iphone Blackboard App. So while the app exists for Android, it seems to be school specific whether it works or not. I'd check with your school's IT department before buying a tablet (in general).

    (just a pre-nursing student, but I do work in IT currently! Happy shopping- I <3 Gadgets!)
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    I bought a new iPad and it would not work with my colleges blackboard. I took it back and bought a ASUS mini. Love it.