Information needed Please.

  1. 0 Where on this board can I get information and assistance from Nurse Educators that teach Nurses Aide classes, either
    in-house or at a technical college.

    I am only tring to trrack down some basic information on the class layouts for each state, as every state seems to have a different take on the number of hours they are requiring to pass a class for Nursing Aide's.

    For instance, the federal minimum is 75 hours, but some states have 100 or more hours.

    What are you doing with the 'extra' time?
    What is your state filling the hours after the mandated 75 with?

    Sitcom Nurse
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    In NY It is 95 class and 30 clinical on site. i use the extra hrs for skills drill.!!!
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    Where in NY are you? I thought there was a 100 hour across the board in NY.

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