How do you grade for lab check offs and clinicals?

  1. For those that teach the skills labs and have letter grades:
    Do you have check offs that have points assigned for specific steps?
    How do you ensure that all people who check off do so equally?
    For skills that require sterile technique like foley catheters--if a student breaks sterile once--do you give them only 50% of their grade possible or do you give them zero if they break sterile once? Or if they break sterile, but realize it--do you give them the points or still deduct for error?

    Clinical instructors:
    Do you assign grades to care plans? How many care plans do you require in a med-surg clinical? How does your school or you deal with the complaint of faculty grading differently or harder? Do you still use NANDA? Do you find that students care plans (and their thinking/prioritizing on care plans) is typically reflective also in their clinical practice on the units? How do you let students know how they are doing each clinical day--do you meet with each student individually?
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