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  1. In our great wisdom at my business ( a daycare/preK) the HR went ahead and hired a nurse with 30+ years of experience except NO PEDS experience. Her job entails home visits to new moms/babies, assessment of those babies who become ill, assessing children for injuries related to classroom/playground/gym accidents, advising parents regarding typical health/meds/immunizations/ development and dealing with suspected child abuse.

    So, as her manager (I think she's great, but just clueless about kids!) I am looking for some sort of peds refresher class. Our director suggested sending her to the community college for a child development class, but I'm hoping to find something more hands-on, nursing-wise.

    Any ideas where to look?
    I have tried our ChildCare Health Consultants, an educator/NP at Yale, and our state Nurses Association to put my feelers out....I'd be more than happy to hear any suggestions.

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  3. by   classicdame
    Call you states Board of Nursing to see who they recommend when they have nurses returning to practice after a long period of inactivity. Some courses are online but very expensive. It scares me to think that she will do assessments on children, especially when abuse may be suspect. Her assessment skills need to be evaluated by a pedi nurse! I like the idea of a G&D class, but an a pedi assessment class, or tutoring, would be good too.
  4. by   KJRN79
    State Board, good idea! Thanks!

    For the foreseeable future I will be checking on her assessments, but that can NOT last forever, because it will be double work.

    Thanks for the suggestion, again!