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  1. Hello. I am a new nurse educator with an MSN. I want to continue to pursue the education route, but feel that I should work toward a PhD. Anyone know of reasonably priced online programs? Or any programs with significant financial assistance and/or stipend?
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  3. by   NFJShane
    Online programs are similar in that they are very expensive. You can look into a number of loan repayment programs that HRSA has to see if one might help you bridge the financial gap - Loans & Scholarships
  4. by   iteachob
    I'm currently a PhD student at a non-online program. If you are sure you want to stay in education, you ought to look into the Nurse Faculty Loan Program. It offers an 85% loan repayment after graduation as long as you remain full time faculty at a accredited school of nursing. 20% is forgiven each of the first 3 years of full-time employment after graduation, and 25% is forgiven the 4th year. Also, you may be eligible for graduate fellowships which may offer things like tuition, health insurance, and stipend.....I currently am going to school on a fellowship and scholarship. I received these after demonstrating very successful grades in my 1st year of classes. I'm actually ahead financially this year! My stipend is more than enough to pay for books, supplies, and travel. Definitely look into your might be surprised!