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diabetic nurse educator

  1. 0 How does a nurse become a diabetic nurse educator?
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    There is a certification examination to make you a CDE...I am not sure what type of qulifications you need to have in order to sit for it? http://www.aadenet.org/ Here is the website of the American Assoc of diabetic educators...good place to start.

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    It was an in thing about 8 years ago for all children on Medicaid in Florida to be followed by a CDE. There was a good amount of money to be made. 4 professionals can be a CDE. DR Pharmacist Nurse and RD.

    It started out to be paid 125.00 for a 2 hour visit. It dropped to 25.00 for a 2 hour visit, plus all the paperwork. Also you must retest every 4 years, no recert by continuing EDucation.

    I got cold because if you do not teach patients at least 20 hours a week, you no longer requalify. Also teaching peers does not qualify for recert hours.

    Been there, done that, got the tee shirt