Clinical Educator?

  1. Hi All-
    I am not sure whether to post this under "career" or not...
    I am a second career nurse. I worked in a hospital for a year. Previously I was a teacher and have an MSEd. I recently relocated and have been looking into various career venues for myself ranging from Substitute school nursing, hospital-bedside tutoring, medical coding, etc. I must sound a little professionally conflicted. Truthfully I am 40 years old and while I did find bedside nursing challenging and rewarding, I am not sure that is where I belong for the duration of my career. Also, due to the circumstances in regards to my relocation, I am looking for more part time opportunities that may allow for flexibility. I love community health, wellness promotion, etc. and realize this is a difficult path to go down with such little experience.
    Why I posted this here....
    I have recently been presented with a possible opportunity to further learn about working as a clinical educator with a pharmaceutical company. Basically some pharma companies hire nurses to do outreach work with doctors' office on various drugs and various assessment techniques to help better prescribe the drugs appropriately.

    Just wondering if anyone here has experience with this. If there is a better place to post this, feel free to move it.
    Thank you!
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  3. by   classicdame
    No experience but have met some of these people. I think it is a great career opportunity!! Also, as a hospital educator I call on them to assist me with skills labs and other training if it pertains to their drugs/equipment.
  4. by   coopman712
    Thanks! It sounds like they train you as well, b/c as much experience as a nurse can have (me not so much!), you need to be well versed on their skillset.
    I have a phone screen and am hoping it goes well.