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Certificate Program for Nurse Educators in Healthcare Informatics

  1. 1 See below, received from one of my listserve groups.


    Dear Colleagues:
    > We are pleased to announce a new course and a certificate program for nurse
    > educators in health care informatics.
    > We have some spaces open for the fall offering.
    > Informatics knowledge and skills are necessary for the next generation of
    > nurse to practice. Both AACN and NLN recognize the importance of informatics
    > in nursing curriculum. Informatics is a core essential for DNP programs and
    > has also been incorporated in the newly revised baccalaureate Essentials
    > draft. The recent NLN Position Statement on Preparing the Next Generation of
    > Nurses to Practice in a Technology-Rich Environment
    > (http://www.nln.org/aboutnln/Position...ents/index.htm) calls upon
    > educators to increase their knowledge of informatics and begin the
    > integration of informatics concepts, knowledge and skills into nursing
    > programs at all levels.
    > To help meet these requirements, the University of Colorado Denver is
    > offering a 3 credit, online, graduate level course entitled Foundations of
    > Health Care Informatics. This course focuses on core concepts, skills and
    > tools that define the informatics field, including the examination of health
    > information technologies to promote safety, improvement of quality and
    > fostering consumer centered care and efficiency.
    > The learning activities and outcome assessments are designed to allow nurse
    > educators to create content and learning activities that can be incorporated
    > into their nursing curriculum.
    > This course is offered as a one of the courses in the new Nurse Educator
    > Certificate in Health Care Informatics. The Nurse Educator Certificate in
    > Health Care Informatics is a 9 credit certificate program offered through
    > the Office of Professional Development. In addition to this introductory
    > course, students will choose two additional specialty courses from a wide
    > variety of informatics courses offered at the graduate level. For more
    > information please contact: Diane.Skiba@ucdenver.edu.
    > Diane J. Skiba, PhD Professor College of Nursing and Michael G. Kahn, MD,
    > PhD, Associate Professor, School of Medicine at the University of Colorado,
    > are the instructors for the Foundations of Health Care Informatics Course.
    > The course is available entirely online
    > The cost of the course is: $1450 which includes a $100 online fee and $75
    > administrative fee. There is also a one-time fee of $140 (which is NOT
    > included in the above cost) for first time students.
    > The course begins August 25, 2008 and ends December 12, 2008
    > To register, please complete the non-degree application and registration
    > forms online at http://hschealth.uchsc.edu/son/grad/off_prof_dev.htm. For
    > more information contact Elisabeth.Levy@ucdenver.edu.