Can you recommend an OB textbook?

  1. Do you use a Maternal Newborn textbook that you love? I teach Maternal Newborn Nursing at a state college BSN program and we're considering changing textbooks because our current text is too detailed for undergraduates (one of the instructors used this text in midwifery school). The students are overwhelmed with information and don't know how to determine what's most important for them to learn. We're looking for a better text--one that is neither too detailed nor too basic. Ideally it would also incoporate case studies and a focus on nursing care for each topic, as well as the background information and facts on each topic. Thanks for any advice.
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  3. by   elkpark
    When I wanted to change textbooks for my (psych) courses in the past, I requested courtesy copies of texts from all the standard nursing textbook publishing companies (they will send you one for free if you verify you are legitimately an instructor), reviewed them all, and chose that way. Granted, that takes a fair amount of time, but IMO, that's the best way to make a decision you're going to be happy with.
  4. by   iteachob
    Take a look at Murray & McKinney. It is a Saunders/Elsevier text. It is neither too simple or too complex. There are case studies in the on-line student resources. I've used it for several years.
  5. by   lolaviex
    I'm a nursing student in an ADN program and I just finished my OB and Peds rotation. I love our OB book, in contrast to the Peds book which was so tedious and repetitive. The OB book has a nice flow so it was easy to read. It provides a lot of tables and charts that summarize the information and that made it easy to go back for review. The book is Maternity Nursing 8th edition by Lowdermilk, Perry, and Cashion.
  6. by   lepew
    That's a good one