ACNP considering a university teaching job

  1. I'm a critical care nurse/NP with an opportunity to take a full time faculty position at a local university. The position is in the simulation program. Although the pay is less, I love teaching and technology, and it seems that simulation is a rapidly developing speciality. I'm also starting my DNP in August, and I think teaching experience is important moving forward. Are there any NPs out there that went from a hospital position to academics? I'm ready for a change, and am thinking this might be good for my career.
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  3. by   jennabond
    I did hospital nursing for 17+ years, decided to get my MSN and teach. Absolutely the best decision I made in my career! I still do a bit of patient care, but teaching allows autonomy, creativeness, and a real impact in our profession. It is affording me the time to return to school for my doctorate. Good luck!
  4. by   paultxrn
    Thank you for the very encouraging response! I really do love teaching. I'm expecting an offer this week from the university, and have pretty much decided to take it, even though the pay cut is significant. Life is really too short to do something that doesn't make you happy. I'm excited to get started and like you, I think the flexibility will be great while is school. Which program are you in?
  5. by   jennabond
    Walden.. Getting my doctorate in education.. Seems good so far! Good luck!
  6. by   paultxrn
    I accepted the position. I will start at West Coast University in Dallas on August 27. I'm very excited!