5 Tips for Instructors: How to Communicate with Foreign Students - page 2

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Studying abroad poses many challenges to foreign students. Some of them overcome these obstacles and others, unfortunately, do not. A study has shown that the main challenges for foreign nursing students are "new educational... Read More

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    Congrats Zainab!

    Your article is excellent, thanks for sharing!!

    See you at graduation in a couple weeks!
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    Hi,zaineb. I will print your article and share it with my peers . I know how it is when you MUST to study in different language and learn other costumes. It is always struggle.I worked with ESl group of students and I know how hard it is for them and faculty to work on same problem.Good job.
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    This is a great article that every instructor or facilitator should read. Instructors should always take into consideration the cultural background of the students.