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Yes, Id recommend Nursing as a career; there are very few careers that allow the flexibility and options that Nursing does. First of all, there is the satisfaction that you are helping people. Then, there are hundreds of... Read More

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    I have been a RN since 1979. before that I was a hospial corpsman in the Navy. Since becoming a nurse I have been a Police officer with a Sheriff's dept a Drug rep with Bristol Myers and then an ER nurse ina trama center to house supervisor to presently Managing the Medical Dept in a 400 bed jail and also a 90 bed juvenile detention facility. Where could you have such diverse job opportunities and stay in the medical field. Nursing is a great career.

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    I would recommend that anyone considering nursing as a career should start as a CNA to get an idea of the work. Nursing school takes dedication and I'll tell you it is not for everyone. If you go into this field for the right reasons, you will not find a more rewarding occupation anywhere. It is definitely hard work, but when you see the difference you can make in a person's life, it makes it worthwhile. Oh, and if you are going to nursing school, don't plan on having a life because there is no time.

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    I feel that nursing is an incredible field to enter in to with all of the continuing knowledge that we have of the human body. Nursing can be a trying time also with the insurance companies trying to run things. If we can keep our chins up and remember why we went into nursing in the first place, things can look up for us and those we care for.

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