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Yes, I'd recommend Nursing as a career; there are very few careers that allow the flexibility and options that Nursing does. First of all, there is the satisfaction that you are helping people. ... Read More

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    NO, not really. I agree totally with "Wendee" who wrote about all of the legal ramifications and consequences. I take things very personally and I feel that I would not handle very well any sort of acusation of incompetence on my part because I do not like to fail or disappoint. If you have the personality for nursing then Yes, but don't think that just because you care about people that you will love nursing. Nursing is not really about caring anymore. If you want to be able to have quality patient contact then become a nurses aide.

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    Honestly . . No, I would not.

    It saddens me to say this. When paper is valued more than people, when downsizing to increase profit is valued more than quality of life, it's time to re-calabrate our thinking. Patients don't make my job stressful, my co-workers and employers do. We as a group prey upon each other - cannibalizing our young and still optimistic new grads. We say we respect our educated peers, and yet hold it against them for "knowing too much, and trying to stand out." Our very existance is an irony, and a study in contrasts. We are in conflict with ourselves, amoungst ourselves, and outside of ourselves. Recommending nursing during this episode of both outer and inner turmoil, would be akin to offering an alcoholic a beer.

    Keeping the Faith
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    I've been reading the replies to the question that has been posed, "Would you recommend nursing as a career?" The only answer is,"Yes." Here are a few reasons why.
    Helping your fellow man or woman; where else can you affect the lives of so many in so little time. I've seen post's from nurses who have been in this profession for 20 or 30 years, some even longer. Just think, thousands of peoples lives have been touched by your tender care, warm smile and reassurance that YOU would be there for them.
    Most of you knew that this was a thankless job, but isn't a smile or hug from a patient worth a lot.

    The Money isn't that bad. The Federal Minimum wage is $5.50/hr and that's par for the course for most people. Nursing pays almost 3 1/2 times ($19.25/hr as an RN) the minimum wage and in some place more than that. I know technologies and computer jobs pay really well also but the market is becoming flooded and the price of computers are dropping every day. What happens when the market is flooded, come on any nurses here from the 80's. NO JOBS, LAYOFFS, SALARY CUTS. I challenge you to use a search engine and look for a nursing job on the internet. There are 1000's upon 1000's my friends. You may have to move, you may not, but there out there.

    Management doesn't respect NURSING. You know it, I know it and Management knows it. So what do you do about it?

    Well, I've always been told the squeaky wheel gets the grease! Don't let management push you around. I'll be damned if they push me! You know other nurses feel the same way as you. There tired of being short staffed, being on call every weekend, working nights and days because the nurse manager for the floor says there's no one else.....well it's time to put your foot down. I think Nancy Reagan said it best, "Just Say No!" However, tell them your discouraged with the way things are being run, tell them your tired of feeling the pressure of managements bottom line. Tell them whatever they need to hear so your profession means to you what it did when you took care of your first patient and your heart swelled up with pride and you were proud to call yourself a nurse!!!

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    YES, I would recommend nursing as a career. This summer I spent 2 months volunteering as a camp nurse. In the course of caring for campers, I saw many instances in which the signs and symptoms of potentially life-threatening situations were not seen or fully appreciated by laymen. My background in medical-surgical nursing and first aid provided me with the tools to identify and intervene before the situation reached a critical point. The satisfaction that I felt was immense. I do understand now just how critical nursing skills are to health, and I whole heartedly support anyone who has the courage and the fortitude to obtain them.
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    Would i recommend a young person enter the nursing field???? Absolutely!!!! Why/ Because all of my hard work would go down the drain if nurses ceased to exist!!! Why is everyone looking for utopia??? Tell me when you find the perfect job because I'll go with you!!! Some of you aren't even eating your young because you won't even let them enter the field. Sounds to me like you're keeping a good thing to yourself. Now don't think I'm some starry-eyed newcomer. Not on your life... I graduated LPN school in NC in 1980. Worked in a couple of acute care Hospitals and several nursing homes. Then returned home to Maine and worked in a big Medical Center, hemodialysis, and now at a medium-sized hospital. When I got laid-off in 1990 I just moved to another area of the hospital. I finished my BSN and now work M/S and hemodialysis. Tell me where you can work three days a week full time? Ya know working weekends is for everybody now. Ever been to Wal-Mart?? Come on lighten up!!!
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    My answer is a resounding YES!!!
    why??? because firstly I am a 3rd year Nursing student and it would be pretty silly if I didn't!
    Secondly, I agree with those of you that have said nursing isn't for those who want to be millionaires. It is hard, sometimes thankless work!! And yes it is changing but surely change can be a good thing!
    I am Australian and while we don't have the insurance dilemmas that you have in the US we do have funding restrictions and while this sometimes can cause ethical problems and there are sometimes bed shortages it should not and never could effect the way we nurse. All those decisions are made by you. It's you who makes the decision as to whether to sit and talk for 5 minutes or to rub that back ar to give that shot!!! Come on guys!!! remember what first lead you to be a nurse.
    I see nursing not only as a job but as a ministry to others!
    Yesterday I sent a lady home with a smile and some kind words as my only reward and it felt so nice!!! (as a student I'm not paid yet!! :-))

    cuddlefish <///><
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    Having 20 years of experience in long term care,with no interest in any other area of nursing, I can only answer to this one specialty area.And yes, in this day and age it has become very specialized.With this stated,my answer is a resounding "NO!!!"
    I have always and still do love working with the elderly and Alzheimers afflicted.I understand them(scarey huh?).It has always been the ugly redheaded stepchild of nursing.And this alone can be hard to deal with.These days it is so underfunded and over-regulated that you can't even go to the bathroom with out filling out a form to do so.With the inseption of PPS things are really going to heck fast.I found my "out" by taking an MDS Coordinator position.Now all I have to deal with is the patient,their family(minimally),and a computer.Some forms and careplanning.But very little else.This brings me to my only real positive thing to say about nursing in LTC;Even within the realm of LTC nursing,there are options.I know because I've done them all.From CNA to DON.And everything in between.
    But, if money is your thing,and high stress,"Big Brother" looking in every bodily oraface,constant threats of lawsuits,fines and incarceration,where doing the paperwork is more important than taking care of the patient,and never having the supplies to do the job right,ain't your thing then stay out of LTC.
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    All have made good points
    I'm just finishing my pre-nursing studies. If not you then who will do the job. I work 72 hours a week make 25k a year, subject to at least one 4 month deployment to and an area of the world that is in crisis each year not to mention the mandatory training deployments. I am a jack of all trades and a master of none. I am kept poor and ignorant for the purposes of my employers exploitations of which I know not. I am given vaccinations that poison my body. My life is not my own. With any luck and a lot of creative financing I will escape the bonds of BIG BROTHER and join all of you. I have and insatiable desire to help those that are sick and, for knowledge. When my son was born, the Doctors treated him but in was the nurses that took cared of him. This maybe my ignorance speaking, and the grass always seems to be greener on the other side, but I'm feeling a little froggy, I think I'll jump if not only from one pot into another.....
    I like a challenge
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    I am a 32 year-old male who will be starting a RN program up in Canada with aspirations to work in California the day after graduation (hopefully SF) any thoughts on starting out in an urban setting and what should I prepare myself for?
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    Would I reccomend nursing as a career? Yes and no. Yes to those who are going in for the right reasons, certainly no to those who are looking for an easy job with lots of money.
    I have been a nurse for 3 years, and I currently work as a critical care float nurse at a level one trauma center. I was looking for variety, and I found it! I work in all the adult ICUs, the Peds ICUs, the ED, PACU, Peds PACU.... and make around $30 per hour. work, 3 12 hour shifts per week. I have lots of days off to see my husband, and I have lots of opportunitities for continuing education, It is a good situation. The work itself? Exhausting, mentally and physically, there is little support, no one has to time to offer any! So if you are looking for pats on the back, steer clear, but if you are self-motivcated and love to help people, jump right in., The money and hours aren't all that bad. there is a type of nursing to fit any schedule. And you can alwayschange to a new area if you get bored, I have worked Bone Marrow Transplant and Pediatric Home health as well. If you becume a plumber, I dare you to try to beat the flexibility and the diversity, and the educational opportunities.... Nursing isn't for the faint at heart, If you choose nursing, make sure you are going in with your eyes wide open! -Tleeves-

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