Wow..racking my brain and it's fried..please read and assist

  1. I have been racking my brain for a few months now...trying to make the decision about LVN school or staying a teacher. See I used to be in nursing in the military, then went to nursing school and dropped out due to a my chance is here to go to LVN school and still work, but I am pacing back and forth.
    I have been a teacher now 6 years, I like the pay, the job stability, which nursing has also. If I become an LVN I won't stop there I will go for RN. I don't understand why this decision is so hard. I haven't been accepted even, but I have to take the test. I just don't like the way things are moving in education and I can be a diag, but I can't imagine being in an office for the rest of my life. I like the freedom of nursing. There is sooo much to consider.
    So any advice on having a hard time making a career change? Any advice on the difficult decision, opinions about LVN vs. teacher.
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  3. by   Annaiya
    I would recommend reading the "Career Advice" forum here and maybe some of the student forums. There are lots of people trying to decide about going to school and some of their stories might help you decide. It sounds like you need to define why you would or would not want to go to nursing school, so other people's perspectives might help with that. Good luck!
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