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I read many of the previous responses and, sadly, I have to agree with most of them. I have been an RN for 17 yrs. The majority of that time has been as an NICU nurse. I love the babies and I LOVE to teach but with assignments... Read More

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    Absolutely! I would recommend nursing as a career. I realize the nursing concept, images, and responsibilities have changed, but I think as the largest group in the health care arena, we should stop bashing the profession and lobby for effective change. There are too many of us not to effect positive change. I am staying positive and welcome new members to the nursing profession.

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    Right on sawhitehead. If we can't recommend the most honorable profession, we're all in trouble. Yes, there are a lot of problems, but we need to effect change by getting involved.
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    I would NEVER recommend nursing as a career to anyone I cared about. And what is honorable about it ? Decent , yes. It is a lot of things , but honorable... IMO does not describe a nursing career. It is something we do to make money. Honorable. No. IMO Honor and sacrifice go together. I've met some honorable mothers. No honorable nurses. Honest, dependable, committed, and caring, yes.
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    I have been a nurse since 1978. 6 years ago I became very ill, and had to quit both part time jobs, (1 in the hospital, the other in Occupational Health at a Chemical Plant.) I missed being a nurse. Anytime I'd visit anyone in the hospital, I had to find something to do for them. When I saw a nurse come in to take a temperature or hang an IV, that longing was there to go back to work. After my 6 year illness/absense I returned to Nursing at a convalescent center and having the time of my life with the dementia pt's. Me ever change my career, that's a no brainer question, ABSOLUTELY NOT! God bless!
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    I would absolutely recommend nursing as a lifetime career. Just look at all the wonderful possibilities we are given in this field. If you don't fit in cardiac you could find pediatrics to be your cup of tea. Plus, what better way to be around people than to be a nurse who tries to provide wholistic care! I love it, and I'll never quit doing what I love.

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