Working in the Resource Pool as a Nursing Student

  1. Hello nurses! I am currently a nursing student who will be graduating this December. I recently applied for a position as a patient care tech/care partner/clin/nurse aide (whatever term they are using at the hospital which pretty much all mean the same thing) and got offered a position to work in the transitional care unit or the resource pool. I'm super interested in respiratory care and mechanical ventilators, but I'm thinking that the resource pool would be a better option since I'm still in nursing school and not exactly sure which specialty area I would like to practice in. Any thoughts/ideas on this? I've heard good and bad comments about being in the resource pool as an R.N. but I think it would be great to expose me to all the different areas and help me decide what I like best before I graduate this December. I'm thinking that the flexibility in hours might prove helpful when I go from part-time to a full time class load over the summer. It will also let me meet different nurse managers so I might be in a better position when I'm applying for an R.N. job. Do you think all the different areas will just be too overwhelming, or do you recommend it as a great learning experience for a student? Has anyone else ever tried this as a nursing student? How about as a nurse? Thanks!
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  3. by   HouTx
    I agree with you. The Resource Pool would provide you with a valuable opportunity to actually experience many different areas. You probably wouldn't be able to get this type of exposure in any other way.

    In my experience, new grads are rarely hired into any type of "float" position due to the enormous difficulties associated with creating the stability & support that a new grad needs for a successful transition into nursing practice. It just isn't possible if you're continuously changing departments.