Why I can't get a job as a Unit Secretary?

  1. I have been applying for a unit secretary position in the LA/OC/San Diego Area but no one wants to hire a well prepare girl (high school graduate, college bound gping to nursing school) who speaks good English and Spanish and can type above 75wpm amd whose got certificates in medical assistant front office unit coordinator, back office, emergency medical responder, can both acute and long term along with EKG Certificate not too mention MAB certified and CPR BLS what is up with hospitals seriously? Has anyone work or has been a unit secretary tell me why my skills are keeping me from getting this job. I currently work as a CNA though I love this job its not the area that I am leaning towards career-wise.
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  3. by   estrellaCR
    Like some posts say, It's all about who you know. I was in the same situation as you. I applied to 3 hospitals in NYC to be a Patient Liaison/Medical Interpreter a few years ago as I was college bound to nursing school (for a 2nd degree). I am bilingual in Spanish/English, had previous healthcare and customer service experience and on top of that certified via a national training program as Medical Interpreter and had almost 3 years as a Volunteer Medical Interpreter with a city free clinic in the city where my first college was located. And guess what either no call for an interview or email that said they chose "someone more qualified". or perhaps knew someone at the hospital, as I know people with less qualifications than me got called for interviews for the position.

    And my friend who never went to college, he applied for a Janitor and Driver positions at a few hospitals. He had years of experience in driving delivery vans, stock at a retail store and in construction and he had high school diploma and is fluent in English. All you need for a Janitor is High School Diploma, GED and to understand English as per the job post and for Driver a valid driver license and experience driving. He never got called for an Interview either. Even to apply to be a Janitor you need connections to get into a hospital. It is unfair, because knowing someone don't mean you are more capable to do a good job than someone who does not know anyone because ultimately they ask everybody for references and most people that apply have are able to get good references.

    My suggestion is that you try to go apply in person or try to find out who the unit manager is (via google search or linkedin) and email them directly. A lot of times your email may get ignored but its worth to try in case they do reply back to you.