Why can't anyone give me a job?

  1. Help! I need to know how I can obtain a job in healthcare?

    This is my situation:

    During nursing school, I obtained my CNA liscence. Even still every where I went to apply for a job they, would always tell me to come back when I finished school. There weren't many institutions that will hire student nurse interns, where I live. Finally, I had to work as a CNA in a temp agency. It was never consistent.

    Finally, in April before graduation I was hired as a Graduate Nurse, in a neighboring state. This job required me to take my boards and pass 90 days after graduation. I never received my ATT, and since it took a couple of weeks to get a person on the phone at the state, I found out my transcripts never arrived. By the time my school did resend it, I lost my job. Since, I was in Labor and Delivery there was no way to hold my spot. Then a few days later my husband was laid off, which meant I really need a job, to support our two children. We have now running out of food and our utilities are all due for shut off this month.
    (If I am not posting on this site it means we couldn't pay the late phone bill). All this stress had me anxious and not prepared to take the boards, which I failed . I just wanted to pass so much so I can get to work again.

    Now I am getting the same responces. When ever I apply for a job in healthcare (HHA, CNA, PCA, Student Nurse Intern, Medical Assistant, File Clerk, Customer Service rep, etc.) "You are overqualified." "What are your goals to be a CNA or RN?" One time a Human Resource Rep, called because she was confused that I was applying for a customer service representative job, at home care nursing agency. She totally turned me down, because I was going to take my boards in October. She said, "Call us back when you have med-surg experience in three years. Sometimes some places don't call me . Or how about, go get a job at the grocery store, or McDonald's for a while. Trust me tried that, same responce. Other things I have heard, "Call us back when you get your RN."

    fftopic: On that last comment-funny , some of my old classmates can't even find a job, because they were told, "Sorry you need experience, we need SEASONED NURSES. How are we going to get SEASONED if they don't season us?

    I don't get it .

    I am so afraid that this nursing thing isn't going to work out for me. I truly want to be an RN, I have wanted this for so long and hope that I can indeed find something. I feel that these organizations that don't help me are not empathetic to any situation, I will not want to work for as a RN. Without a job, there is no way I will be able to afford to pay to take the test again or be able to live under a roof. How do they think I pay to survice while I wait to take my boards?

    Then, they want me to call back when I pass. What compassion huh ?

    They say there is a shortage in healthcare, then why not hire people who are qualified like me? Why are they being so difficult :smiley_ab ?

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  3. by   IMustBeCrazy
    Since healthcare seems to be a bust for you atm, and you have bills to pay, YES, go for the grocery/McDonalds etc. BUT....be smart about it. What I mean is, when they ask about education, especially post secondary education, BE VAGUE. Don't go on a long spiel on a store app about how you have graduated from nursing school. You may even consider leaving that secondary ed stuff off your app altogether. The bottom line is, you need to feed your family AND you need to make a plan to study for boards. You have to advocate for yourself at this time and sometimes you have to do what you have to do in the non-nursing world to keep food on the table. Acting desperate during job interviews will not get you hired. Neither will being an open book during a store interview about your nursing education.

    During an interview, keep it simple, brief, upbeat and highlight your former job experiences that you have had, and why they are good background for the jobs you are applying for. Ex: "I have former cashier experience at XYZ co, and I am prompt for work and rarely call in sick." Those are the kinds of things these companies are looking for. Prepare in advance for interviews and jot down answers to a few questions that you have been asked in the past that have been problematic so you can rehearse ahead of time and come across as professional and thoughtful.

    Then, take yourself down to the NCLEX area of this board and read through and follow Suzanne's advice on preparing for the NCLEX.

    Good luck to you!

  4. by   Wren
    I totally agree with "IMustBeCrazy". You probably are giving too much info and they may be picking up on your (reasonable) anxiety. Drop all of the extras, focus on getting a job to pay your bills and that will give you some breathing room. Good luck!