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What made you decide?

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    what made you decide what field of nursing you will be into?

    what motivates you?

    how did you deal with the transition from being a student nurse to being an independent specialty nurse?
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    what transition? Do you mean transitioning between school and work?

    I always loved babies so pedi nursing was a no-brainer for me. I am now in staff development because I like to teach. I am motivated by money, by feeling like I belong and by working with people I like. Not necessarily in that order.

    If you mean transitioning from school to work, I will say that my mature age when getting my RN made a difference ( I was >45). I had gotten to the point in life where my expectations of people and of myself had mellowed quite a bit. It was easier to take things in stride. Reality shock exists, but I believe it is due in part to unreal expectations of the new nurse. The trick is to hang in there and try to learn from seasoned nurses.