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What else can I do?

  1. 0 I will be getting my BScN soon and I just wanted to know what else you can do with a nursing degree other than be an RN or get your masters and become an NP. A list of different options, both careers and further education is much appreciated!

    To all those that answer, thank you for your time!

    Note: I am in Canada so Nurse Anesthetists do not exist up here
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    you do realize that nurses work in many many varied areas of the hospital! Once you are a nurse, you are always a nurse. You can do inpt, outpt, urgent care centers, public health, disaster response, etc etc etc. there is a ton of stuff outside of hosp nursing. Teaching, research, etc. It is very wide.
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    I am curious. Does this mean that you don't actually want to work as a nurse in any setting after graduation? If so, did you make this decision based upon negative experiences in your program?

    I can't provide insight into anything but US jobs, but the vast majority of those 'interesting' (non-bedside) jobs such as the ones listed by the PP require a significant level of clinical competency - which can only be gained by work experience.
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    Yes, you will probably need to gain some actual RN care giving experience before you can try to climb the ladder into a non-bedside position. Who wants a manager who has never been in their shoes?