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PLEASE PLEASE help me. I feel like I am all alone with no one to turn to for help. I am a new RN with a BSN. I quit my 1st job as a med surg nurse after 3 months because of stress, depression and... Read More

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    I'm from the outside looking in but I can honestly say the first year of any new career sucks. I am in a different field and now going into nursing because I've always wanted to and dislike my current job but the straw that broke the camels back and ultimately made our decision was the fact that leaving my career now is a better option for my family and financially wiser. A Job is a job and home is home. if a career change is a sure fire way to better you or your family then by all means hit the road running. It's important to do want you like but ultimately love what you do. Find hobbies outside of work with fun people. It won't make work so bad!

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    I feel like I wrote that- those same feelings, the panic attacks etc! I think I just am not one of those nurses that can handle that type of stress. I having been working at a Hospital for about 8months now and it has been horrible, but I am just sticking it out because everyone says, "you need experience". The particular hospital I am at is not really a teaching hospital, and it is a veery negative atmosphere and my orientation was all scattered. Many people have been saying, "its the place" Which I am certain it is, but I also wonder if it is nursing altogether. All I can say is try to find another job as soon as possible, even if it is a nursing home, or private care stuff. See the question is: do I not like bedside nursing because of the place I am at, or would I hate it even if I was at a really dynamic teaching hospital? I will pray for you!
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    ps. you also could probably apply still to New Grad positions. I might even try that too
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    I am a Canadian nursing grad, will like to relocate to the state, where do you think is the best state in need of nurses, has a good pay and to grow professionally
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    I am an older person, coming back to the work force after a divorce. I spent most of my settlement money getting a BSN and now I cannot find a job anywhere. I have a house payment to make and two children to support. Nursing was supposed to be the most secure job and I was told that I would always have a job as a nurse. No one will give me a chance even though I have offered to work nights, weekends and holidays. There should be no complaints about a nursing shortage when they will not let new grads in.
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    Someone Please, Please, Please hire me!!!!!!!
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    Like I said earlier, I'm left traditional nursing for MR. I love it! I can be out daily by 330, no nights, weekends, holidays. I make a decent amount more per hour than I did in traditional! I live in a Boston suburb. I have friends/co-workers who left Boston hospitals to come here (and they are young). I have always loved reading charts and putting pieces together. I also have friends who are doing this while they complete their BSN/msn

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