West Palm Beach or Tampa Florida?

  1. 0 Which place in florida is better for living?. Thanks....
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    Well, that all depends on what kind of lifestyle you're looking for.
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    Quote from itsmejuli
    Well, that all depends on what kind of lifestyle you're looking for.
    prefer peace, affordability, schools.......
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    I lived in Tampa area for years. There are some good schools there and it was pretty affordable. I enjoyed living there and have thought about moving back. I lived in the Valrico/Brandon area.

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    I spent close to 20 years living in Clearwater, across the bay from Tampa. I moved far away (back to Canada) because of low pay, lack of health insurance, lack of jobs, increasing crime, bad economy, decreased policing, cut backs to schools, cutbacks to jails, cutbacks to everything supported by a municipal budget.

    I used to love living in Florida, I raised my kids there. But its not the same since the economic collapse that started in 2008.

    Do lots of research before you make a move.

    I did a quick google and found plenty of websites to compare cities.

    Also, take a look at the median age of the city you're considering moving to. The median age of Pinellas county (Clearwater) is 45, where I'm living now the median age is 35....a much better lifestyle with far more to do. Do you really want to feel like you're living in "God's waiting room"
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    I love love love Tampa omg its wonderful!! If I could talk him into moving id be there now!! and not stuck in Tennessee
    dont go to destin area toooooo commercial and nothing there ..
    but Tampa is a good area
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