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I currently have a BA degree in Communications and haven't done anything with it that I can really say has satisfied my goal of career happiness. Now, I think I'm finally acquiring the courage to pursue nursing but horror... Read More

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    Quote from annan5
    that is the list published by the aacn of schools that offer accelerated bsn or msn programs. it looks like in cali these schools have accelerated bsn programs: azusa pacific, loma linda, mount st marys & usc.

    hope this list helps!
    usc is closing down their nursing department from what i understand. my mother got her ph.d in from 'sc and she received a letter about alumni coming out to support the last graduating classes of their program. the undergrads come out in may and the graduate programs come out in august.

    'sc will still have the nurse anesthesia program, but it will under the medical school.

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    Quote from megsd
    thanks for the tip on cal state long beach. i'll definitely look into that.

    meghan - the contact st csulb is dr. ruth mullins at rmullins@csulb.edu.


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