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    I am new to these boards and have been deciding to go back to school. I currently have an associates in Business but I am interested in changing my career to work in the health field. I have been very undecided on which profession to go for and have been doing extensive research on 3.

    I have found many different opinions on these boards, and would like to get some on my choices. My interests are: RN, Physical Therapy Assistant, or Radiology. All three are helpful to people and present that feeling of accomplishment, but I am unsure what is good for me. I am not in this for the money, just stability... not to say money is not needed, but since graduating I have not found stability in my career. Being an RN sounds like its hardwork but less rewarding for your work, but I am not sure how I would react to being around all the blood. I have been watching the health channel, Life in the ER, and trying to see if my stomach would handle it and I have been doing fine. This is just TV though. I want to try to volunteer at a hospital here in NY but haven't found any information on that. Physical Therapy sounds very interesting, along with Radiology.

    I guess I am just looking to see if anyone has personal experiences in these fields that can help me with my decision. Also, I have read on here that I should try to become a CNA first, what is a CNA?

    Any info would be greatly appreciated! Thank you so much.

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