two job opportunity at the same time

  1. Hi, I just need help, I been working as PRN (LTC setting) for the past 3 months and not getting enough hours from it to pay bills, sometimes there are weeks that i never got called at all. so I continue looking for Full-time job or part-time job, then this Full time job came, it's in rehabilitation center, got interviewed twice and it seems turn out fine, the hiring manager is very nice and she forwarded the process to the HR, then the HR realized that i'm a new grad with only 3 months experience from my current job, so they said i need to do a different process as a NEW GRAD nurse, I need to submit clinical reference forms and transcript of records in sealed envelop, since I'm from other country the process takes longer, it took 2 weeks for my Clinical Instructor to return the requested form ( from the day they told me i need to do the new grad route). My transcript of record are still on the way, it may take another 5 days to get here. HR told me that the transcript is only for record purpose and if they received the forms we can go ahead with the hiring process.They got the forms 2 days ago, but today they said they need to wait for the transcript (different from what they said before), I don't wanna be rude and rush them because it's not their fault why the completion of requirements take longer, not my fault either, it's just im from other country and getting the needed documents is not that easy

    My problem is the 2nd job that i applied for is a School Nurse in a charter school, went for interview 2 days ago and seems like it went well too, today the Nurse Supervisor called me and they want to hire me. She told me to call certain person to set an appointment to start the hiring process, document signing etc. Did not asked me if i accept it or not but said they are excited to have me, i don't know what to say, so I said if I can just call the girl after I discuss the things with my husband. she said it's fine. Today is Friday.

    So now i feel like i need to return the call by Monday, if I accept this job and then suddenly the full time job called and made the offer after they received my transcript, I'm afraid that I'm already stuck with the part time. the part time schedule is Tuesday and Thursday and 1 day that is flexible, while the full time is 3 days a week 7a-7p, self scheduling.

    the hiring manager said it's self scheduling, do you think i can accept the part time now then if the full time made the offer just let them know im not available on tues & thurs but willing to work any day of the week.

    sorry if my question sounds dumb, i just don't really know how this work and what to do on this situation, im afraid to turn down the part time then the full time won't offer me the job in the end then i have none ( its very important to me to get the a permanent job to pay bills). im afraid getting the part time then, the fulltime offer the job, but my schedule will be conflict and i cannot leave the part time after being hired for 2 weeks, its not good for my resume and for the person who recommend me.

    if you are in my situation what you gonna do?
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  3. by   quitewords
    hmm? me? and i needed a steady paycheck to survive and have roof over my head, eat, etc would pick the permanet employement. good luck
  4. by   MBrnbsnmha/ed
    Accept the job that presents itself and do not wait around for the other one because you never want to place all your eggs in one basket when it comes to employment. If both jobs want then and only then on you think of what you will do.
  5. by   xxryu139xx
    i think that's BS u have to do all that. I am a technically a "new grad" too with only about 4 months of unpaid experience and also a foreign graduate. Why do they need to have copies of your transcript? Isn't it enough that the NCBSN/NCLEX approved your school credentials and thus passing the licensure exam?
  6. by   grcy
    I wish that they could atleast give an assurance that I'm gonna get hire before i turn down the offer on part time jo. I really like the fulltime though, but part time is better than nothing at all. And the offer is already on the table.

    That's a good point, if we pass the NCLEX it means we need to prove were eligible first to take it. I even did the credential evaluation service by CGFNS as pre-requisite in taking NCLEX. I also have 7 months unpaid experience in my country, but since im not RN here at that time (but RN in my country) its not considered valid experience according to them.

    Hoping to hear from the HR soon. By the way i asked the HR how much is the expected pay rate the hiring manager gonna offer for new grad? Since they gonna hire me as new grad she said $20.11
    If you don't mind how much is your starting?

    Thanks guys for your inputs.
  7. by   xxryu139xx
    From where i come from, we were often given patient loads amounting from 8 or more. The staff nurses even handle 40-50 patients on their own. Sure, "ideal" techniques and modern machines aren't practiced or available, but i read of people here who have trouble handling more than 8 patients. Practicing/relearning by the book procedures complete with all materials that are already mostly pre-assembled should be alot easier than developing the skill to be able to handle 8+ patients. We didn't even have any LVN/LPNs. CNAs nor techs to help out with VS, linen changes, etc. I think that should count for at least something.
  8. by   grcy
    xxryr138xx, you are right, that should really count, same thing from where I am from no LVN/LPN no CNA. But I think the job that I'm doing there is less hard than what you did, because we have too may volunteers it's ER department with OPD. there times where the patient load is crazy but there are times that it's not. I love working there but the problem is it's unpaid, i pay for my transportation and food everyday, did it for 7 months 5 days a week.

    Thanks guys for replies.