TNCC or CEN for new grads? TNCC or CEN for new grads? | allnurses

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TNCC or CEN for new grads?

  1. 0 I have recently graduated and still trying to find that first job. I am still working for 8.00/hr and need a job bad... A nurse that works with me in the ER told me that she would suggest taking the TNCC or the CEN. She told me that as a new grad a hospital would be stupid not to hire me if I become certified. I did a little research and it costs around $300.00 out of pocket either way. Also, it was suggested that I take the ACLS and PALS. Would the old hands out there suggest taking these without experience? I am just looking for the foot up to get the job. Any advice would help!

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    As an ER nurse, I am on the fence about your question. I think that, without a doubt, a new grad would have a leg up if he had ACLS, PALS (if your ER does peds), and of course BLS. However, I don't know that TNCC or CEN would necessarily help you. The ER is a busy place with a high learning curve. Grades can show that you know how to take a test, but it doesn't really show an ER manager if you are "cut out" to be an ED nurse. If I had to choose, I think that CEN would be a better bet. There are awards that an ER can get for having a certain number of CEN nurses (percentage), but not so much with TCNN. Further, you only really need TNCC if you are going to work at a trauma center. So if you have to choose, then I would pick the CEN. However, I still don't think the CEN would help you out all that much. The CEN is really for experienced ED nurses who want to get certified. Personally, I don't see the value in a CEN without experience; it is like a nurse practitioner without experience, it simply doesn't mean the same thing (IMO). If you really want a leg up in the ED I would suggest EMT or ER tech experience. I think they will go much further than an CEN or TNCC.
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    Mikey I completely understand what you are saying. I am just looking for some way to get manager to consider me for a position. I had an interview at the ED I work for and the manager pretty much told me that none of that would replace experience. (Keep in mind that I have been working here for well over 2 years and cant get a job in their facility) I explained to him that I have applied for EVERY job within a 200 mile radius Med/Surg, ER, ICU/CCU, Nursing Homes, Dr Offices etc. I have put in so many applications that my fingers bleed lol. I have done follow ups until I have used my plan minutes on my cell phone. It makes me sick that these people don't appreciate a new grad right now. I am at my wits end and it is driving me nuts that my immense amount of student loans come due in 3 months! I need a job and I needed it yesterday. He told me exactly what EVERY other recruiter told me that it doesnt matter what grades I had in college or awards I had that I have no experience so I am un-hireable. I am not one to let someone sell me short and it has made me very angry when they tell me I am not qualified (for a medsurg job esp). And recruiters act like I am bothering them to no extent. I just wish all of these "nurse managers" (if you can even call them that) could remember what it was like to be a new grad and have the WORST time finding a job.