Texas Children's July 2017 GN residency

  1. Hello everyone! I didn't see a topic started for TCH's nurse residency program so I thought that I would start one. I know that the application just closed yesterday, but feel free to comment any updates that y'all get! Good luck to everyone!
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  3. by   ss95
    I applied! Do you know what their usual time line is for contacting applicants for interviews once the application closes? Good luck to everyone!
  4. by   futurern52
    I also applied to this residency program! Good luck to you guys, and let's keep each other updated if we hear anything!
  5. by   agreen1028
    Hey Everyone, I also applied to this residency program as well. Good Luck to everyone!
  6. by   mlogan7
    does anyone know the timeline of application review? Or has anyone heard back re: interviews? Good luck!
  7. by   ss95
    I got an email Thursday from the recruiter asking my two unit preferences because I forgot to include it initially in my email. But it was at 7:30 at night so I'm guessing we will hear soon if she was going through applications that late in the day
  8. by   agreen1028
    No I haven't heard anything yet. Hopefully we will hear something soon.
  9. by   ss95
    I have two friends that got rejection emails today :/ Has anyone heard back about an interview yet?
  10. by   Amariexp0
    I got a rejection email
  11. by   futurern52
    I am sorry to those who received rejection emails But I wish you luck in all your future interviews!

    I received an invite to the open house/ interview this afternoon! Has anyone else heard about an interview?
  12. by   Amariexp0
    What was your gpa if you don't mind me asking. I had a lower than 3.5 gpa but I do currently work at another children's hospital in my college town so I figured that would help but I guess not lol
  13. by   ss95
    I received the invite too! I'm so excited! Not so excited about having to drive all the way from Lubbock to Houston though lol
  14. by   ss95
    Also, will we interview for one or both of our units? Sorry this is the first of 23745063405 questions