Texas Children's July 2017 GN residency - page 7

Hello everyone! I didn't see a topic started for TCH's nurse residency program so I thought that I would start one. I know that the application just closed yesterday, but feel free to comment any... Read More

  1. by   RNBSN9078
    Im first group days PICU. Not sure how they seperated us, maybe its based on graduation date? I graduate may 13
  2. by   PICUNurse1768
    That's when I graduate as well! Maybe last name or even out of state? I'm out of state so it actually works better so I have time to move!! Just wanted to make sure it wasn't anything bad!!
  3. by   RNBSN9078
    Im sure it's nothing bad. I think it's just that we are a big group and by splitting us up we will be able to tranisition more easily and not feel overcrowded? Idk. I am in state though, last name ends with a V, so the fact that I am in state could have played a factor.
  4. by   Selbyj12
    Hey guys! Ill be working nights PICU starting august 14th. Anyone else on nights at that time as well?
  5. by   bunnywithasyringe
    Me!! Email me! belleelamay@yahoo.com
  6. by   bunnywithasyringe
    Did anyone ask about the weekend rotation?
  7. by   RNBSN9078
    Has anyone recieved any onboarding emails? Laura, my recruiter, had mentioned she would be emailing onboarding info within the next weeks but I havent recieved anything and am wondering whether anyone else has. Im on PICU days in case anyone was wondering.
  8. by   futurern52
    I haven't received anything yet either other than the initial email. Let me know if you hear anything!
  9. by   penny reverential
    LG is out until the 17th. I don't think anyone is really going to hear much until she's back; I think she's the coordinator.
  10. by   futureRN016
    i got 2 emails today! one about filling out a form and one for a background check
  11. by   futurern52
    When do you guys start? I haven't received anything yet.
  12. by   RNBSN9078
    I got those forms too. Do you think it's really necessary to write alllll work experience? Doubt they care if i worked retail or at starbucks lol. They told me Laura should be back this Monday. I start June 26 for PICU days.
  13. by   futureRN016
    No I don't think they're going to care! I just put my work experience anyway. I start june 26.