Texas Children's July 2017 GN residency - page 3

Hello everyone! I didn't see a topic started for TCH's nurse residency program so I thought that I would start one. I know that the application just closed yesterday, but feel free to comment any... Read More

  1. by   ss95
    Quote from ChristianNurse4
    What kind of questions did they ask? I hope you got it!
    Just your typical behavioral type questions & thank you! I hope so too! Having to wait until the end of the month is killing me!
  2. by   lara1995
    I'm interviewing today for the CVICU. I would love to hear from everyone else who interviews how it goes this week!
  3. by   futurern52
    Did anyone ask when we would hear back from them after the interview?
  4. by   smgaden
    I asked and Laura Gabriel said end of next week.
  5. by   nurse1111118
    Anyone know how many the pcu is taking?
  6. by   ChristianNurse4
    I heard PCU is taking 12
  7. by   futurern52
    Do do you know how many CVICU is taking?

    Quote from ChristianNurse4
    I heard PCU is taking 12
  8. by   ChristianNurse4
    They also said 45
  9. by   ChristianNurse4
    Ahhh I am getting so impatient. I know it's a lot to hope but I really hope we get the news tomorrow
  10. by   soontobeBSN2017
    Hey guys! I just found this thread and I also applied for CVICU this past Monday. So has the consensus been that we will hopefully hear towards the end of this week? Good luck to everyone!
  11. by   ss95
    I'm checking my email religiously. I hope we hear tomorrow!
  12. by   RNBSN9078
    When y'all got interviewed, did they end the interview with commenting on how Orientation would be? I'm wondering whether they do that with everyone or whether that is a good sign. Fingers crossed! I interviewed with PICU
  13. by   soontobeBSN2017
    They ended my interview by explaining how orientation would be as well which made me feel good! I interviewed with CVICU