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  1. 0 Okay. I am ready to bite the bullet here and quit my job as an admin. I earn over $40K per year, good benefits BUT totally bored and unchallenged with admin work and even though been offered other positions such as marketing/business they don't thrill me in the least. Company I'm with is going thru an involuntary layoff but I am considering volunteering for the layoff because I will at least leave with some money in my pocket (2 weeks pay for every year = 6 months pay). After taxes I'll have cash payout of about $11K. I will waitress or do whatever I need to pay bills whilst going thru school (ADN at local community college). I do have mortgage, car payments etc. but will economize where I have to. I am 39, single, no kids and just feel I have to take the plunge or will regret it for rest of my life. I suppose my question is is nursing worth the sacrifices you have all made? Would you do it all over again or not? I hope Mustangshebe reads this as she has given me some sound advice as have many others before. Thanks.
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