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I am still in my first year of nursing school. I am nervous about starting a profession later in the game. I know I still have many challenges ahead in school but I would like some input from anyone... Read More

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    I became an LPN in my mid 40's and then an RN at age 58!! Yep, that is a current picture!! I don't plan on retiring at 65 either. I love my job as a school nurse and becoming a nurse is one of the greatest joys in my life!! Keep going and may God bless your endeavors. I know He did mine!
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    I was the young age of 41 when I became a decision I ever made....wanted to do it when I had the chance when I attended college the first time around, but let the percieved "stigma" of being a male nurse deter me...well, everthing has it's time and place, you have found your's....and hey man, we are still YOUNG! lol...enjoy the ride and good luck!
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    I am 36 and in my second semester of nursing school. No medical experience, 2 young children, and a full time job in an unrelated field. Going to school has been the best thing I've done for me and my family in a long time! It's not easy, but the worthwhile ventures never are. Good luck!