Speech path masters or accelerated BSN

  1. 0 I'm graduating in May with a bs in speech language pathology. I am trying to decide between getting my masters in speech path or a 15 month bsn. I have all my pre-requisites from my degree (a&p1 and 2, social sciences, etc), I would only need micro bio and nutrition for the programs I'm looking into. I love speech path, but I was told that nursing is a better career. If I went for nursing, I would eventually want to get my masters as well. Does anyone have any recommendations?
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    You're on the wrong site for a speech patho recommendation

    Just remember this:
    Once you're a speech pathologist, you're a speech pathologist.

    Once you're a nurse, you can be a cardiac nurse, neuro nurse, psych nurse, respiratory nurse, ortho nurse, ER nurse,dialysis nurse, billing nurse, ICU nurse, OR nurse, phone nurse........... and the list goes on

    - Andy, RN

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