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Somebody please give me some advice

  1. 0 Hello, i am going to school working for my RN but i am having lots of thought about trying to some how, combine my RN with my love of Criminal Justice, i have always been interested in a career in criminal justice but i also love nursing so i am kinda torn between the two, so my question is, can anyone advise maybe if they know of how i could combine them? I looked into the forensic nursing but from what i hear its alot more school and very hard to get into? Does anyone know? I guess i am not sure if there is any kind of career that would have alittle of both that you are aware of?Thanks alot
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    If you are interested in living and working in California they have some kinds of prison jobs where the nurses are also trained to be a correctional officer. Check out Good luck
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    Have you considered forensic nursing?

    [PHP]"Forensic nurses' responsibilities vary. For example, they may perform death investigations, work with criminals in prison, or counsel schoolchildren who fire guns, said Seneski, a SANE who works in emergency nursing and does consulting."[/PHP]

    I'm afraid that this area of nursing will be a growing field. You can get a certificate in forensics or work for a masters in forensics depending on what you want and what college you apply to.

    Good luck