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I'm glad I listened to my mom way back then when it came time to decide what to do with my life. I chose nursing knowing I'd have job choices and security. Most importantly, I'd never have to depend on a man or be stuck in a... Read More

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    Yes, I am still glad to have chosen nursing. I Have been a nurse for 44 yrs, sometimes part time & most of the time full time. I have worked in gen med surg, pediatrics, a colon-rectal hospital , public health, office nursing, and 24 yrs in OB as staff, assistant director of post-partum & nursery, back to staff including mother-baby, labor & delivery, high-risk undelivered mothers & even premature nursery. The hospital had about 2800 births a year. I have enjoyed everything I did. Yes, I have lots of hard days, unsatisfying days but still would do it again. I was in a diploma program. There were very few BSN programs in the 50's.
    It was a hospital based program & the best. Many things have changed. Lots of mechanical pieces of equipment, Lives are saved which years ago wouldn't have made it. Most days I go home very tired, but most of the time I feel very fulfilled. To support a pt thru some rough spots, hands on nursing, it is all so full-filling. I am at a point of resigning due to age and it is hard to keep up with the many changes, mostly paperwork, but it is very hard to let go of this part of my life. The camradery of nursing staff can be the greatest. My nursing class are still very close. It has been great. Wish I could start over but go BSN. ktdydrn

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    originally posted by lizntexas
    i'm glad i listened to my mom way back then when it came time to decide what to do with my life. i chose nursing knowing i'd have job choices and security. most importantly, i'd never have to depend on a man or be stuck in a bad marriage. and wouldn't you know it, i ended up in a horrible marriage (to an alcoholic.....imagine that.....but that's a whole new thread). i am divorced now with three kids at home. being an rn/bsn has allowed me to move almost anywhere, work where i want, the hours i want and with whom i want. where else can you get hired on the spot?? most importantly though is the emotional paycheck i get each day i go to work from the kids i work with. i work on a pediatric hematology/oncology unit here in austin, tx and look forward to my day. i am constantly amazed by these kids and their families (my problems really are that small in comparison). my employer is exceptional....lots of education, freebies and of course, food....ha ha
    i've been a rn now for 18 years and am still learning new things about my profession and about myself too.
    would i do it again? a definately yes. :d
    it is with much delight that i read this post. keep smiling and as always, keep the faith!
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    Thanks for posting. I ran to austin after graduating high school, came back here to go to college (stupid mistake, should have just gone to UT!). Planning on heading back as soon as I'm done!!


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