Should I start as an LVN or RN?

  1. For the longest time I have thought I wanted to get into the RN program.I took ALL the pre-reqs,1 class per semester since I was working full time,so it took me awhile to finish the classes,the HESSI/TEAS(depends on what school your applying to but pretty much the same exact test!)the shots your supposed to get,physical exam etc etc.Well by the time I got to preparing for the test,my classes "expired"! Im not sure if its all nursing prgrms but w/mine,you have to take ALL the pre-reqs within 5 yrs of getting into prgrm,I didnt cut it. I figured I'd have to take ALL the classes over again and who knew how long that would take.So,I went to another information session @ the school abt the different nursing prgrms and learned some new things about the LVN prgrm! I could get my certificate in LVN n 1 yr,work for a bit and while working, do the LVN-RN(1 yr) bridge OR after working a yr as an LVN,my school works with a 4 yr college and allows some nurses to pursue an LVN-BSN track!Sounded GREAT to me!I would see how I like it and see if I want to pursue my nursing further..
    Well,I went to a dinner and ran into a gal who told me,she went the LVN route and STRONGLY suggested that I go the RN route! She said once you start working,you'll get caught up w/your work,no time for school,fazing out LVN's in hospital and some other settings..etc etc.said she got burned out FAST working in a hospital and now works as a liaison,I suppose, for some long term care facility. I figured about the fazing out of LVN's since a LVN told me a couple years back that RN's were gonna be fazed out sometime in the future @ hospitals...Im just not sure if I should just try to get into LVN after a year,see if ill like it and work my way up,academically, or try to get straight into school for RN(2 yr program),which is my original and current goal BUT DO NOT want to waste time if it turns out I do not like nursing..I am 41 yrs old,so I don't have that much time to
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  3. by   bebbercorn
    Sorry about your situation! Your friend is right. I know LVN seems easier to get in to but hospitals are phasing them out, and now even phasing out 2 year nurses... just FYI and I wish you good luck!
  4. by   NCtoRN12
    I think it depends on the job market in your area. I am close to your age and recently changed careers into nursing. I did it as a step process and wouldn't change the way I did it. I started with CNA and worked while obtaining my LPN and then worked as an LPN while completing my ADN. I personally feel I gained great experience as both a CNA and as an LPN that helped me transition into the RN role. I am now looking at options for RN-MSN (Bachelors in another field). Either way you choose, the hurdles you have to cross to get it really are worth the effort. Good luck to you.
  5. by   LadyFree28
    Why don't you CLEP (college level examination program) your classes that expired??? You can test out if your courses, save money, and go the RN route.

    It really stinks that you are in this situation...sometimes it's best to get a general associate degree to prevent the courses from expiring, FYI to any posters out there...but there IS hope. Excelsior and CLEP provide tests to cover prereq's. The school I went to pointed me in that direction when I needed to up my science GPA. Check to see what colleges except these credit exams as grades, and go from there.
  6. by   Sfrazilus
    Not all programs have a 5-year period. In some schools, it's as long as 10-years. If you're not dead set on the RN program you were trying for, look at other schools that accept older classes.