Should I apply for part time?

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    I have my BSN and RN, and have only had them since September. I am working in Developmental Disabilities nursing right now, and while I enjoy what I do, I really feel like I need to get some hospital experience to keep up my clinical skills. Unfortunately, I live in an area without a nursing shortage, and relocating to another part of the country is not an option. Would it be worthwhile to apply for part-time jobs? Is this a good way to get in at a hospital? I am very underpaid, so part-time wouldn't be any worse financially than I currently am, and I could COBRA my health insurance if I have to leave my job, so that would give me 18 months to move from part-time to full time, if that is possible...

    What do you all think?

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    you could also try working prn. least you could get a foot in the door if you an opening came up that you wanted.
    and you could have a little control over your schedule...
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    You have a job you like? I'm a new RN, BSN working 12-hr shifts at a hospital & looking hard for anything else. The pay is allright, but the high, high levels of stress and exhaustion are like nothing I could have ever imagined. I agree the previous post, PRN would be a good way to check into hospital work.
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