San Joaquin General Hospital Interview

  1. Guys I have a questions to those who had interviews before.. Can you guys tell me where is the interview held at..?

    I mean..will it be at San Joaquin General Hospital?

    I know what floor I'm going to and where I'm suppose to be waiting, but IDK where is the exact PLACE of my interview.. I know it sounds dumb but , while I was scheduling my interview with the lady, we had a pretty fast conversation and I thought I was able to write the place of my interview but unfortunately I only wrote down "San Joaquin County" weird..I think I heard her say "san joaquin county ..something"

    I called human resources to ask but they said I must call the lady's number,but I don't have I can't ask her ..

    But I also searched that San Joaquin General Hospital is also known as "SAN JOAQUIN COUNTY HOSPITAL"

    So someone please tell me if I should go to the hospital..for the interview?

    The position I applied for is "Nursing Assistant"

    anyone who applied for this position before and went to an interview pls tell me where the interview is at..Thanks

    My interview's on friday april 26th,13 2pm
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  3. by   StephanieSmithCA_LVN
    I also have an interview tomorrow. Yes, go to San Joaquin County General Hospital in French Camp. The lady who i spoke with, said to park in the visitors parking lot, go through the revolving doors, take the elevator up to the 2nd floor, go to the left, and there you'll see a row of chairs, kind of like a waiting area, and either Edgar or Cindy will come to that area and get us.
  4. by   StephanieSmithCA_LVN
    I just finished my interview. Interviews are held in the actual unit you are applying for. you should see the Icu/Ccu sign.
  5. by   Tinkerbell04
    Any updates? I have another interview with this facility,and the interview is for the same unit plus another unit. I not too long interviewed for this same position. I am wondering if they are calling people and really have no intentions of filling the positions. I have a friend who got called for many interviews, but they never hired her.
  6. by   StephanieSmithCA_LVN
    I received an email a week later indicating that I didn't get the position. They were going with someone more "qualified". I also interviewed for another unit a few days later, but haven't heard back yet. I won't be accepting any job offer from SJGH though, I have since been hired elsewhere.
  7. by   RNReadyManc
    I have an interview here and need advice. Anything fellow nurses?
  8. by   RNReadyManc
    I got the job!
  9. by   nataliercastillo
    Hi there, could you please tell me a bit about the new grad rn interview at SJGH?