RN Working as an lpn, I need some advice!

  1. Hello everyone,

    I would appreciate any input/suggestions or comments on my job situation. I'm really lost on what I should do.
    So.. I've been at my job as an lpn for 5 years. I took a leave of absence for 2 months before I graduated school for my associates RN. When I came back to work, they moved me all around the facility, everyday I didn't know where I would work it was exhausting not only physically but emotionally. My charge nurse and I worked very well together and she was also very upset they decided to take me off that floor and had me floating. supposely the person that they replaced me with was a problem on another floor. In Aug I I took the NCLEX and received my RN! After 2 months of floating and asking when I'm going to get a regular position, they gave me a position on the rehab unit. I've approached my director about a position as an RN and that I plan on going for my BSN and my intentions are to stay there. She stated she would like to hire me as an RN but she wants me to learn MDS some time (next week) that was in Aug. I approached her the following week and she told me that the staffing was short and she couldn't putt me from the floor.
    I feel like i'm getting the run around and shes making excuses.
    Its emotionally draining working as an lpn and then my coworker or charge nurse wants me to hang IV's, change picc line dressings. I like I'm not getting paid for it so I haven't been taking that responsiblity. I'm also feel like i'm being targeted also, working in sub acute its face pace and leaves alot of room for error.
    As you may know the job market with no experience working as an RN is rough.
    I'm thinking about even looking for an lpn job somewhere else if I can't find an RN job soon,

    Has anyone else experience a similar situation?
    any suggestions are welcome

    Thanks in advace
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    Check with state BON because you may be still accountable as a RN doing a LPN job.
  4. by   missjosieRN
    thanks, i'll check on it