1. Hi,
    I need help deciding. I have worked in healthcare as a PCT and Psyc Tech. I just graduated with my BS in Psychology but since I live in Tucson, AZ, there are no jobs out here. We are planning to move to Washington DC or Virginia next year and I want to further my education. Should I apply into an accelerated nursing program or into an Occupational therapy program? Which job is in higheer demand, is more fulfilling for a psychology person, and is pays great amongst the two? And which one is easier to get into a school for since I know that nursing schools are harder to get into, atleast for a BSN?
    Thanks so much guys!! I really appreciate the feedback..
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  3. by   TopazLover
    I have not been keeping track of OT jobs lately but it used to be that there was a huge need. If you read AN much you will realize that in many areas there are too many nurses, especially ones with no experience. If you do not like science courses do not think about nursing. As for satisfaction that is so individual I would not even guess how you would respond to either. Pay? Google it. Best schools to get into? Once you decide where you will be going that will narrow the choices. If your move is dependent on where school is then do a great deal of research because you will be putting out a great deal of money to get the degree.

    Shadow nurses and OTs. Try to do a few so you know what the options are for employment, even though it will not be in your current area. The kinds of work are fairly stable even if the conditions of employment are not.

    Plan to do tons of research to find the perfect fit, or as close as you can find and get a slot in a school. Some times it is what is available rather than first choice, especially now, and especially in urban areas where thre are many nurses.

    Best wishes.
  4. by   ndegwa76
    Thanks so much aknottedyarn. I love Psychology and enjoy sitting and having a 1:1 with a client. I think that nursing has become oversaturated and its getting harder for new grads to get jobs. I talked to my friend, who is an OTA, and she loves what she does and seems to enjoy the 1:1 time she has with her patients. I think I am now leaning towards OT than nursing..the debate now is whether to do OT or school Psychology...trying to find my niche in life. I am moving either to Fairfax, VA or DC and don't know for sure how the job market is, though i am almost sure it's better than Tucson. IN DC, only Howard University offers a MS in OT. Virginia has a few schools but they seem to be far from Fairfax, which makes me wonder about transportation...Any advise?
  5. by   TopazLover
    My nephew is married to a school psychologist. She spends a great deal of time pushing papers. I don't think she gets as much satisfaction out of the job as she anticipated. Again, talk with people who really have these positions. Do they do what you think the job entails? Do you think you want more 1-1 time? I think OT. But, I do not know that much about the field. My observations might be way off.

    As for transportation, DC is always in gridlock. Too many cars and not enough road even where there are multiple, multi lanes and roads that change direction with traffic flow needs. I really do not know public transportation is like.

    Tucson is very limited to be sure. If you have not done much traveling around the US you will find the east coast much different and living at a different pace than the west.

    I like the fact that you are doing some research. Would you mind sharing a bit more about yourself? I am guessing you are young. Your writing skills are great which will be a real advantage when going on in school.

    Have you found any OT places on the net that might be a bit like AN? They would have better info than someone like me who is an outsider to the field.