RN after the Navy

  1. 0 Hi im new to the us Navy and want to pursue becoming a RN when I get done with my time. I want to use my gi bill to earn my AS in nursing. Wondering what things I should do to get prepared for college after the navy. Any advice or comments on this subject would be greatly appreciated v/r WalkerB
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    1) Stop using v/r. YESTERDAY

    2) Are you a corpsman?

    3) College is college. Study hard and be prepared to sacrifice free time. You will need excellent grades in your pre-requisite courses.

    4) Pre-requisite courses (usually) include Intro and Developmental Psychology, Sociology, Biology, Chemistry, Anatomy and Physiology (2 semesters), Pharmacology, English, and Math. You will probably have to take minimum of one year of pre-requisite classes, but plan on two years- finish an AS degree. Check out this link to give you a basic idea of what an ADN curriculum looks like: Erie Community College :: Nursing

    5) The ADN curriculum that I posted: in order to be COMPETITIVE, you must have all of the non-nursing classes completed or be in the process of completing.

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