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  1. Hey All,

    This is the thing, I am an LPN since I was done with my LPN schooling I have been continueing for my ASN(RN)..due to family circumstances I moved to a new state from WI to WA...I wanted ot continue my education here, but they want me to retake all of the classes I have already taken even thou they were for a BSN level...it may take me years to be done with that...so here is the question...

    Does anyone know of a school with basic admission and no long waiting list? I am willing to move anywhere ot find the right school...I would like to be in the core nursing courses this next fall if possible...any suggestions would be great..

    Thankyou Annette
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  3. by   wam79
    You could check out the external degree programs like Excelsior College. They might give you credit