Resume - what to leave in and out? Resume - what to leave in and out? | allnurses

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Resume - what to leave in and out?

  1. 0 Hello!

    I am a new nurse less than 7 months w/ a license and I have a question...

    What exactly do we as nurses list in our resumes?
    We all do our admission, D/C, assessment, flow sheet, instruct our NAs regarding care, use our judgement regarding tx etc (right?)...

    SO, should I even list it?

    Or should I just go with what my floor specializes in?
    My floor is a MedSurg Ortho floor.

    we get up to 40% ortho patients with sometimes PCAs, Epidurals, then sometimes blood. The pts get their knee, hip, shoulder replaced, debrided. etc...

    we get a mix of pt from syncope episodes w/ pt on TMS, COPD, MS exacerbation, dehydration, pneumonia, we do drips (heparin, insulin, agratoban)

    Do I still list down the experiences during my school clinicals as well?

    So, any information would be greatful... If I have posted this in the wrong section I am very sorry.

    Thank you!!!