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  1. Last month, I posted mistakes I made while being overwhelmed with charge nurse duties and staff nurse duties. I ended up being terminated. I think the punishment was way harsh (I thought I would have been suspended for a few days) but I can respect HR's decision. Though I should not have made the mistakes, I chose not to hide them, I told the truth. Now when I am applying for jobs, I chose to tell the truth on my application and I am basically being labeled as damaged goods and I can't even get an interview. I just want advise on how I can gain employment and move on from this. I don't want to hear about unions, my past employer didn't have one. I don't want opinions on how healthcare is evil and how easy it is to get let go. I just want someone who has been where I'm at whether they were let go for mistakes, wrong fit or any other situation that caused them to either be forced to resign or get terminated to tell me how they were able to gain employment. It has been a month now and I am going insane with beating myself up, feeling like a failure and going through depression as I have worked consistently for 17 years. I know the longer I am employed the worse it will be. I don't need anyone beating me up anymore than I have beat myself up, I just need some advice on how to land an interview. Thanks.
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  3. by   Been there,done that
    Forgive yourself.

    You saw where your transparency got you initially. You don't need to lie, but you don't need to cut out your heart and lay in on the table either.

    HR will most likely just verify dates of employment.
    Your reason for leaving is ..seeking new challenges.
    While you job search.. take agency work so you don't show a lapse in employment. It's also a great way to network.

    Good luck ,let us know how it goes.
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