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Hi All, After working as a Neonatal Nurse Practioner for 10 years I "retired", and have been living abroad for several years. I am really wanting to return to nursing and realized I must first get... Read More

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    You are so right....NEVER LOOSE THAT LICENSE.....I have just downloaded and printed the 40 page NY state Licensing application packet...will let you know how it goes....looks like I need..
    1. 2 CE, one on infection control, one on child abuse...NYS regulations...can do these online...
    2. Submit my application and $ with proof of education
    3. Retake NCLEX exam...

    Will see how we step at a time...

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    One step at a time is exactly right We'll do this, and once we've both passed the exam and we're full and true RN's in practice, we will know even better the meaning of "you don't know what you've got till it's gone!" Good luck and we can keep each other and the board posted in our process. We can serve as good examples to others
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    Today I have started tackling the very large job of tracing my nursing license from TN, GA, CT and all that entails. My license actually expired 10 years ago in CT, but I wont be living there, I will be moving to NY (lots of husband transfers...)so I will try to speak to NY folks and get an idea if they will pick up my old CT license and have me refresh in NY and take NCLEX. The more I am doing the more focused I get. It is a lot of paperwork, but once I actually know what I have to do...that should be much a way.
    Good luck...and I am really motivated by how much they need good nurses like us still!
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    Deb, my situation is a bit similar without all the locations.
    I was originally licensed in PA but moved to DE. My license was in good standing, I just didn't renew.
    DE won't allow me to become licensed unless I reactivate in PA. The Refresher Course isn't good enough since it's more than 5 years that I have been in active practice and the license expired. The Reactivation is a bit more entailed than the Refresher is.
    I found one Reactivation course in PA and a few months ago got an email telling me that one other college is trying to form a course too. The problem is, they have to have enough people to make the class even worth their effort. Even if I wanted to take the Reactivation Course at either college in PA, I'd have to stay up there because of the schedule. And being a single Mom, I can't afford to miss six or eight weeks of work and stay in PA. And the Board of Nursing in DE may not accept the Reactivation per se, and may want me to retake a Refresher here in DE even after I take and pass a Reactivation in PA!
    I thought I had found a solution at the University of Delaware who offers a course. Turned out it's only a Refresher and the state of PA won't accept it because the U of D hadn't included a standardized version of NCLEX for refresher.
    Neither state is making it easy, but they make the rules, so I gotta do what they want.
    The cost of all the Refresher and Reactivation courses, plus lodging, plus losing income is what made me take a look at just doing the whole thing over again.
    If I can challenge the CNA exam and pass, I can then apply to a two or three year program with a bridge to BSN. I have my BA in Psych and Spanish and would love to eventually have my BSN.
    All of this at the age of 49...... Hey, you're never too old to learn

    Do you think you can revert to the CT license and take it from there or the original state that you were licensed in?
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    I guess that is what I have to figure out. NY state will be the final word I guess. I also live in Hong Kong at the moment 'so the time thing is a pain. I want to call people but no one is up yet, but you, why are you up???
    CT would require a refresher course with some clinical (9days), and taking the NCLEX. They offer several places to take it, but I don't now and won't probably be living in CT, unless we moved to NYC, then that will be perhaps do able.....Like you , a lot of unknowns. I know once I get headed in the right direction, I can do it.

    I know for you with kids still at home really challenging....only my youngest still in college, so I have the luxury of free time...and I do appreciate it.
    At one point I was going to school full time to get my Masters, working full time and had a 2 and 3 year old, and was pregnant by the time I graduated!! So I know I can do anything...just will take it one step at a time.

    I got my license in 1981 so like you it has been a while!!
    Thanks for your words of encouragment, and one thing to think about is what IS offered through distance learning..have thought about getting another degree in grief management or something easier!! Computer work is great, can do at home when you have time...

    Well, I am off to do my Infection Control required CE course for NYState. Ever the optimist!!
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    Hit the jackpot just now in my internet wanderings has list all states refresher courses

    Moving thread to Nursing Career advice forum to help others in same situation.
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    Very helpful link, thanks. I am realizing that until I actually speak to the folk in NY , I won't be sure the exact course I must take. My two issues breakdown like this:
    1. Expired licence
    2. Out of state
    It is funny, when I started this search, I thought the most daunting part was the NCLEX, I have decided that is the easier part! Ha! Kind of like graduate school, getting in was much harder than actually doing the coursework!
    I have just heard from NYS and they are sending me a packet...I will speak to them and let you know what they direct me to do...
    Coffee on board...feeling hopeful!
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    It will all depend on how long your license is expired.

    What I was told by the Delaware State Board of Nursing was that since the expiration had taken place and I was out of practice for more than 5 years, I would have to return to PA and actually REACTIVATE. That would place the license back in active status, once I passed the exam.
    Then DE would probably want a REFRESHER to make sure that the learning requirements met their standards.

    I was very unaware of the difference between a Refresher Course and a Reactivation Course.

    Once your license has lapsed, you are more likely to be looking at Reactivation than Refresher.
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    Could you also post a list of current Reactivation Courses? I have some data but my list is far from complete. In fact, Montogomery Area Community College in PA emailed me to tell me that they may have a course starting this year if the demand is sufficient. If not, I have only one other active listing for it in Eastern PA....
    It's much easier to locate the Refreshers, but the Reactivation list is difficult.
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    In the list of refresher courses listed in NY state, the one for Central NY came back with no longer I will keep looking...NY has been really responsive. I just heard from a very nice gentleman who is the
    Assistant to the Executive Secretary for BON and he gave me a list of what to do...and a contact person to speak with.
    I think for those of us who love our profession, it is really encouraging to get this kind of response. Thanks to you all for your help....I would be happy to post the list for NYS if anyone is interested.

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