Re: what I posted a couple of days ago. Nurses life and experiences

  1. 0 I have posted this message a couple of days ago. I am a first-year nursing student and if possible I could get some help by speaking to a nurse online. This DOES NOT need to be in a chat room. It will be back and forth conversation as well as having a consent form completed. I would like an ok from a nurse before I can proceed. All the help would be appreciated. I hope that we can learn from each other and make this an interesting experience.

    Thank you
    Eva Polnau

    My email is: evaschat ( all storied and ideas would be a great help)
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    I'll play! I am a new graduate nurse, just got my license.

    If this is acceptable to you, please PM me (click on my name over on the left, and on the dropdown menu--unless they've changed it--click on private message).

    See you soon!

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